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CAB LogoFor over 70 years, Central Analysis Bureau, Inc. has been an important part of the underwriting plan for the commercial auto and inland marine insurance industry. With its unique understanding of all aspects of the trucking industry, CAB has developed a proprietary rating system which, based on a series of specific ratios and equations, is utilized to analyze a motor carrier’s financial records to determine the financial strength of that carrier. For years, the name CAB has been synonymous with financial analysis, and an acceptable CAB rating is a prerequisite for many underwriters.

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CAB Basic Training:

CAB Basic Training on Tuesday February 16, 2016 2:00 PM EST:

This is a CAB training on the use of the newest features of the CAB website and CAB Report. This will include an overview of our new features as well as a refresher of the features and navigation of the CAB website.

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Focus February on Thursday February 18, 2016 2:00 PM EST:

This session will be an advanced focus training on the new features and reports available through CAB.

Previous webinars, including various "Basic Training" and "Focus Training" session are available here. To view an archive video you need to have a CAB Subscriber account and be logged in.

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Bits & Pieces
Wednesday, 27 January 2016 08:58

We are just about dug out of our monster snow storm.  It was too good to be true that we might actually get away with limited snow this winter.  I am heading off to the West Coast next week and I am looking forward to catching up with some of you when I present at the IMUA meeting in San Francisco and the MIAS in Seattle.  Trending issue in cargo will be the focus of the meetings.

As you all know it has been a busy month following the enactment of FAST and the removal of the BASIC scores from the CSA site.  CAB premium subscribers continue to have access to the CAB BASIC score and have not missed a beat in continuing the ability to underwrite with the right tools.

We have compiled the breakdown of CAB Financial Ratings for last year and the information is available here. While the overall breakdown is stable, over 27% of all carriers rated were POOR or below. So financial condition should still be a concern for underwriters. 

This month we report:

TRUCK SIZE - Although increased truck weight was removed from FAST, efforts have begun again to allow for increased size of trailers. A bill has been introduced to allow 33-foot trailers on federal highways. GovTrack.us predicts the chance of it actually being enacted to be 1 percent.

OPERATION SAFE DRIVER - CVSA released its report on its fall safe driver campaign. 21,012 commercial motor vehicle drivers and passenger vehicle drivers were evaluated with an additional 19,480 North American Standard Roadside Inspections conducted.  The data was collected by 2,789 law enforcement officials at 706 locations across the United States and Canada.  The top five citations issued to CMV drivers (excluding violations of state and/or local laws) were:

  • size and weight (30.6 percent)
  • failure to use a seat belt while operating a CMV (14.3 percent)
  • speeding (9.9 percent)
  • failure to obey traffic control device (6.9 percent)
  • using a handheld phone (1.9 percent)