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About CAB

CAB LogoFor over 70 years, Central Analysis Bureau, Inc. has been an important part of the underwriting plan for the commercial auto and inland marine insurance industry. With its unique understanding of all aspects of the trucking industry, CAB has developed a proprietary rating system which, based on a series of specific ratios and equations, is utilized to analyze a motor carrier’s financial records to determine the financial strength of that carrier. For years, the name CAB has been synonymous with financial analysis, and an acceptable CAB rating is a prerequisite for many underwriters.

Upcoming Training Webinars and Archived Video Sessions E-mail

Training sessions are open to all CAB subscribers. Please click on any of the upcoming training sessions below to register for the session. To view an archive video you need to have a CAB Subscriber account and be logged in.

CAB Basic Training:

In response to feedback from users we are going to offer an extended version of CAB Basic Training.  This session will be an hour and a half and will be a mixture of the regular CAB Basic training with some more in-depth explanations of different features of the site.  This session will be an hour and a half in order to have sufficient time to cover all of the material and questions.

CAB Focus Training:

The Inspections and Accidents Details Page
Shared Vehicles
  • Archive video
    • Understanding the Shared Vehicle Report and the other tools at CAB that can be used to understand if other entities are using the same equipment.  This session will be valuable for underwriters, loss control/risk improvement as well as claims adjustors.
Chameleon Carriers and interrelated entities.
  • Archive video
    • Understanding Chameleon Carriers and interrelated entities. Using CAB to identify and recognize relationships.

Carrier Search

  • Archive video
    • Understanding all of the features of the Carrier Search Page: Quick Preview, Workspace, Icons and Scheduled Reports.

 CAB Account Settings

  • Archive video
    • Did you know that you can customize what sections of the CAB Report you can see and set defaults for different sections of the report?  This brief session will cover all of the customizable features.

 CAB Financial Rating

  • Archive video
    • The CAB Financial Rating is CAB’s oldest and very specialized product.  In this session we will have Mark Schweber, Director of the Financial Analysis provide an overview of the information and features of this unique service offered exclusively by CAB.


  • Archive video
    • VITAL is a very powerful tool that can be used for a variety of different purposes.  This session will last just a little bit longer than most of our focus sessions as we will go through all of the features of VITAL and will cover some suggested uses for VITAL for all types of users.


  • Archive video
    • There are a variety of different alerts that can be generated for any motor carrier. This session will focus on all of the different types of alerts that may be generated and what they mean.

Radius of Operations

  • Archive video
    • Mapping out the radius of operations of a motor carrier is one of the most beneficial features of the CAB Report.  This short session will cover the radius map and all of it’s features and functionality.
Using CAB for Claims (presented by Jean Gardner)

CAB Product Information (these are informational sessions):

Agent Advantage Program

    • Making the most of an CAB Agent Advantage subscription.  For information about becoming an Agent Advantage subscriber email Mark Schweber or call him at 212.244.6575 x 207.


  • Archive video
    • SALEs is the newest tool introduced by CAB.  SALEs is an online list of motor carriers that can be used for generating potentials or leads.  This service is included for company use only for all of our insurance company subscribers.  It can be purchased separately for retail agents, brokers and MGA’s interested in pulling leads lists.  This session will include the basics of how to use the site and well as tips for all user types.

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Bits & Pieces
Friday, 29 August 2014 06:09

Summer is coming to a close once again and we will all start gearing up for the fall.  Back to school, back to work, back to the grind.  August was a fairly quiet month overall as the industry slowed down for a few quick breaths.  Have a wonderful Labor Day Holiday. This month we report:

CSA ATTTACK - A coalition of 10 industry groups has asked the DOT to prohibit public access to CSA safety ratings. The coalition is made up of the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association; American Trucking Associations; American Bus Association; American Moving and Storage Association; National Private Truck Council; National School Transportation Association; National Tank Truck Carriers; Specialized Carriers and Rigging; Truckload Carriers Association; and the United Motor Coach Association. The coalition contends that removing the scores from public view will spare motor carriers from erroneous scores and will also prevent the public from being lulled into a false sense of security that they are hiring a safe motor carrier.

In other CSA news, the FMCSA announced the implementation of changes to allow the states to reflect the results of adjudicated citations related to roadside inspection violation data collected in the Motor Carrier Management Information System (MCMIS). The policy on recording results of adjudicated citations in FMCSA data systems only applies to citations issued during roadside inspections occurring on or after Aug. 23, 2014. MCMIS has been modified to accept adjudication results showing that a citation was dismissed or resulted in a finding of not guilty; resulted in a conviction of a different charge; or, resulted in conviction of the original charge.

ATRI STUDY - The ATRI released its study, “Evaluating the Impact of Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Disparities on Carrier Safety Performance”.  The report contends that carrier safety performance as represented by BASIC scores can be dramatically impacted by where a carrier operates.  The state’s varying enforcement priorities preclude uniformity in enforcement and can lead to an incorrect analysis of the true safety of the carrier.

FMCSA LEADER - T.F. “Scott” Darling has been designated the acting administrator of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration effective Monday, August. 25. Darling will replace Anne Ferro.  Prior to his appointment to the FMCSA by President Obama in 2012, Darling served as deputy chief of staff and chief counsel for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority.