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About CAB

CAB LogoFor over 70 years, Central Analysis Bureau, Inc. has been an important part of the underwriting plan for the commercial auto and inland marine insurance industry. With its unique understanding of all aspects of the trucking industry, CAB has developed a proprietary rating system which, based on a series of specific ratios and equations, is utilized to analyze a motor carrier’s financial records to determine the financial strength of that carrier. For years, the name CAB has been synonymous with financial analysis, and an acceptable CAB rating is a prerequisite for many underwriters.

Upcoming Training Webinars and Archived Video Sessions E-mail

Training sessions are open to all CAB subscribers. Please click on any of the upcoming training sessions below to register for the session. To view an archive video you need to have a CAB Subscriber account and be logged in.

CAB Basic Training:
  • Tuesday July 28, 2015 2:00PM - 3:00PM EDT
    • This is a CAB training on the use of the newest features of the CAB website and CAB Report. This will include an overview of our new features as well as a refresher of the features and navigation of the CAB website.
CAB Level 2 Basic Training:
  • Archive video
    • This session will be a more in depth review of the CAB Report. This will be a great session for users that frequently use CAB and want a deeper understanding of what the information means and where it comes from. It is recommend any attendees of this session watch a CAB Basic training or have experience with the Carrier Search Page and the CAB Report.
CAB Focus Training:

Refresher Course for Long-Time and Experienced CAB User
  • Thursday July 3o, 2015 2:00 - 2:30 EDT
    • This session will review the new features recently added to the CAB Report and a reminder of the key features of CAB. This will be a great feature for long-time and experienced users to make sure you didn't miss any of our new and key features.
Inspections: An Overview and Statistics 
  • Archive video
    • This session will review inspections. We will talk about where they come from, who conducts them and how they vary by state. We will look at a variety of statistics for the national average and by state. This will be a session you won't want to miss!

    New Features and Hyperlinks in the CAB Report

    • Archive video
      • This session will review the new features recently added to the CAB Report. It will also be a review of all of the hyperlinks in the CAB Report. If you want to expand your knowledge of some of the built-in features of the CAB Report, this will be a great session for you.
    Vehicles in the CAB Report and VITAL
    • Archive video
      • This session will review the power of CAB to understand all of the many different tools to research and understand power units and trailers. We will cover all of the features, functionality and information available in CAB concerning power units and trailers.
    Trends and Analysis in the CAB Report
    • Archive video
      • This will be a focus session to review the different trends and analysis in the CAB Report and how using that information can help you make better decisions.
    Scores and Ratings in the CAB Report
    • Archive video
      • This session will take a closer look at all of the scores and ratings in the CAB Report and where they come from. Understanding how CAB doesn't rate carriers, rather can help you make better decisions.
    New Features of the CAB Report
    • Archive video
      • A look at new features recently implemented on the CAB Report.
    The Inspections and Accidents Details Page
    • Archive video
      • A closer look at the wealth of information available on this page of the CAB Report.
    Shared Vehicles
    • Archive video
      • Understanding the Shared Vehicle Report and the other tools at CAB that can be used to understand if other entities are using the same equipment.  This session will be valuable for underwriters, loss control/risk improvement as well as claims adjustors.
    Chameleon Carriers and interrelated entities.
    • Archive video
      • Understanding Chameleon Carriers and interrelated entities. Using CAB to identify and recognize relationships.

    Carrier Search

    • Archive video
      • Understanding all of the features of the Carrier Search Page: Quick Preview, Workspace, Icons and Scheduled Reports.

     CAB Account Settings

    • Archive video
      • Did you know that you can customize what sections of the CAB Report you can see and set defaults for different sections of the report?  This brief session will cover all of the customizable features.

     CAB Financial Rating

    • Archive video
      • The CAB Financial Rating is CAB’s oldest and very specialized product.  In this session we will have Mark Schweber, Director of the Financial Analysis provide an overview of the information and features of this unique service offered exclusively by CAB.


    • Archive video
      • VITAL is a very powerful tool that can be used for a variety of different purposes.  This session will last just a little bit longer than most of our focus sessions as we will go through all of the features of VITAL and will cover some suggested uses for VITAL for all types of users.


    • Archive video
      • There are a variety of different alerts that can be generated for any motor carrier. This session will focus on all of the different types of alerts that may be generated and what they mean.

    Radius of Operations

    • Archive video
      • Mapping out the radius of operations of a motor carrier is one of the most beneficial features of the CAB Report.  This short session will cover the radius map and all of it’s features and functionality
    Using CAB for Claims (presented by Jean Gardner)

    Understanding the Built-In Features of the Subscriber Site

    • Archive video
      • This session takes a closer look at all of the built-in features of the Subscriber Site.  Examples include the Workspace, Scheduled Reports, Excel downloads, instant emails and other customization options.

    CAB Product Information (these are informational sessions):

    Agent Advantage Program

      • Making the most of an CAB Agent Advantage subscription.  For information about becoming an Agent Advantage subscriber email Mark Schweber or call him at 212.244.6575 x 207.


    • Archive video
      • SALEs is the newest tool introduced by CAB.  SALEs is an online list of motor carriers that can be used for generating potentials or leads.  This service is included for company use only for all of our insurance company subscribers.  It can be purchased separately for retail agents, brokers and MGA’s interested in pulling leads lists.  This session will include the basics of how to use the site and well as tips for all user types.

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    Bits & Pieces
    Friday, 26 June 2015 14:01

    Welcome to Summer.  We hope you are all taking some time to relax and enjoy a bit of a slowdown as we head into the holiday weekend.  Life at the shore is good.  Happy 4th of July.  This month we report: 

    FILING INSURANCE LIMITS TO REMAIN THE SAME - The House rejected an amendment to the Transportation, Housing and Urban Development (THUD) Fiscal 2016 appropriations bill that would have opened the doors to an increase in insurance requirements for trucking and bus companies. As the restriction on increasing limits is also in the version passed by the Senate, while differences in the bill need to be worked out in a House-Senate conference and the ultimate bill signed by the President, it appears that there will be a freeze on current insurance requirements on trucking companies. We will let you know if anything more comes up on this issue.

    FMCSA ATTACKED - At month end a bill was introduced in the Senate targeted at reformation of the FMCSA.  Under the proposal a review of rules, guidance, regulations and enforcement policies would be mandated every five years and numerous steps and protocols put in place to limit the ability of the FMCSA to implement rules, with mandated oversight of the rulemaking process from the Transportation Research Board or the Department of Transportation Office of Inspector General.  It will be interesting to see where this goes. 

    NHTSA REPORT - The Office of Inspector General released a report that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and its Office of Defects Investigation is “insufficient” in its handling of vehicle defects.   In its audit, OIG looked into ODI’s procedures for collecting vehicle safety data, analyzing data and identifying potential safety issues, and determining which of these issues should be further investigated. The OIG determined that there was a lack of guidance on what information should be reported so that there could be early warning of the defects.  All in all it was not a good rating for the department. The report is scheduled to be released later this year.